h~0/m~e all a w/e' s aye s 0 pen ly e tu`g.ate t/with te~a/t h in pi/n ac/l~e ap~l~ac/e in di's g/race 0 pen ly e t0 day T


c0n g/r~at u lat(e) i0n synth t i'm e r~ig*ht e ven t/i g*ht went (e)y~e

mary me ar me re

mer ry e

m'er e i/s mer sea

sm~ear t all0w/ e ft and f all 0we

sh ip an/d (h)i p/s a.m.e

say me aim

st r/an~g/e

l~eaves as t' le ave t'hen a.m.e


h ear se the a.d.e all

t'each t an at 0m i c/all e~d t00 the st/e all t~0/d~aye T de/ed en 0.f/f a. d. f/at~e at f/ace

e very e t hing (e)ist p.r.0 0f/f~i g*ht e ve/n~igh t~l ye in~s le/a~p~er f0/r ate in g al/t~he t i'm e 0 pen le~a.d.

A ("men" don't know how t'0 le a.d., t-hey-e- k-illed-t-he/i/r-s-ave-i-0r-e-t0-re-b-ran-d-im-as-s-aw-e-f-ave-or-e-in-g-(')-s-(cene)-f0/r/t/he-"seeing"-0/vain-ly-e-in-de-a.d.-'-see-k-ing-


plain' (by e p~lan/e) s~Pea/k~ing a way e h0 p~fully e j~0 (i/s t) b/r~ave (i') l/l e 'ye a.t


each letter is defined anatomically : an at 0m i c/ally e

how this came to pass organically e tu` b re a.d. 0* pen ly e in st~e a.d.

A S/S~pree m0.com

haul lies prague (a. m.eta p/h0~r for how a state of b/ein g is tm ad?e)

r/icHRoat.ha~us i`e~ve/n 0.g~gi/n/n a.m.e.g.a.m.e

it is my be lea f* e/we are writing proprioreceptively across time competitive-ly verse/sus/s f0re c0/m/p l~eat i 0n e in/he/r~e n(')t ly e

*f can mean many t hing e, h~0w/e a/ve r~t, f x f i/s the frame work and fret work t00 the ne/t w/0r(e)k in g c0mp(l)e/at e l~ly e & eye speak in be t/ween (') the gap~s appreciable a.d.

i quest i 0n e the "gen/e/s is" of a word on-ly competive-ly defined: hype-pen(-i-)s = not st/anding p.r.i'me in fun c~t i 0n e : break f/a~s/t is the t~ruth you per si`eve. A.D.~a.m.~see D ay T able a.d. 0/0 r(e)ing

0 / zer0 is sign i fi can T (t00 the t0 t'all) + L0' s/s 0 w/e in~c all in/k~s well

My dog is t~0te'm animal t0 me: Min0, min n0w if you p~l~ease(~e) c/ar b0n e c0 pi l0 t in g e

p.s. paul dr-i-nan- still 0wes me $1000 + reimbursement for a l?ad?d/er(e) stabilizer he requested i get f0r(t) his b-"rain" and j0-b. s.it-e- the-re-s-a.m.-e- : he be-lie-ves in "pea-ce" for the likes of ye t-a.m.-e- (as long as the un seen is un s0/n~g without any ap parent shame)*

-t/he- c-has-e-very-e-t-hing-e-h-as-on-ly-e-b-be-gun-

"p0r-t-hing-e-vain" ly e ? s a.m.e n/0/ugh


e'ye s c~an d b f0und (h)ea.r~ (d):





http://www.myearthcam.com/xubrnt : live t a b~r0(a.)d e~ c a s/s t (r) in(n) g~

in de X inn g f0/r/m/e all~(e)ye

f r0n(e) T p/ag~e s t/(h)at a've the by e na.m.e & be in e maid e/b t/r/an~s~fi/x i/n g t'he m (e)a ve/n as/s~a(n)s say e (which is to say you don't get a by e wit~h0ut a way e t0/day T)

r/icHR0at0me (in ste a.d.) 'ye as~t/e r e.g. g



e/very/e/t/hing/e co pi the



free sty le

si`s/t ere (n/e) t'earn a

si`s/t ere (n/e) t'earn a l~l e tu`

si`s/t ere (n/e) t'earn a l~l e tu`de




w/hat eve r~

w/hat eve re ve r

rich r0at 0/m e c(h)0 pi

s~c 0/p(i)e


i'va- in-n/ate- ho-od-e-


gi~f/t~i/n~g' s/h0~0k

L ate R

d(0)b ea.r t(h) a w/e



L0 g0's 0/n n~et u

te ll as s aye se ll e'ye


k ~i t(t)e re ye

t a ll t a s/s k

w/'h'et i/t

tm th en

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ha ha ha ...

w/00 d app(ea.)Le

d inner


ruthann weist you are a jack ass aye s' jack ass : these things we can count one regarding you-r-e- lie- f- (t-)d- e/b- too- t- he- re- p- lie- c-ate- t- w/e-i/s-t- 0/n-e- d- 0- b- lin(e-) d-'s-lice-d- 0f- t-hat- a- f-x-f-r-a- ct- i-0/n- d-0f- t-he- p.-r.- i- ce- d- 0 p lease th b ring u y 0/ur n/ice s/s - li(e-) ce- d- i- ce- d- pi-e-ce- buy- e- pea-ce- d- 0f- (i-) t- w/ise- d- s- nit- i/t- s- it- (e-) s-

he-d-in- a-d- junk-ct- p- lace-d- 0f-(i-)t- 0f-f-t- he- d- 0f- t-00-t-he-d- (e-)u/s-t- 0-p-ped- 0f- t-


0p en

0 pen d

Up Set

Up Se t/t e(y)e


faking a presence t0 get bu-ye-w/e-d-

in~t~er(e) lu~d/e w/e~ a.d. ewe

c-0/n- t-(0-)u/r-in-(e-)d-0f-t-'sup-p-lie-d-a-re-s-0-Le-w/e- t-i-0/n- (d-)b- r- i.'de-s- h? a.m. e- ye- "t's" -c-am-e- d- (e-a-)f- r- a-(i-)m-e- d-0f- t- a-(i-) l- (d-)-0f- t-'s-up- p- (L-)i/e-d-i/t- -i/t-(s-)vi- ew/e-d-i/t- 0- you- d- 0-b-m-(e-)use- d- e/b- t00-t-he- d- see-k- t- i/t- 0ff- e-we- d-(p.r.-) 0-f-x-f- (h-)er-ring- t- (h-)rue- d- s- lice- d-e/b- t-00-t- hat- 0/n-e- d- 0f- t- en- d-s- L0-t- (h-) e- x- p0-'s-e- (e-) d- e/b- t- a-(d-)g- (r-) 0 -w/e- ed- i/t- a- l/l- 0/t- t00-t-he- ha-nd- 0f -t- a- gain- d- (h-) im- c- an- (d-) s- t/ir-e- t-hat- as/s- k- t-(d-) 0- w/-id-t-he- a- rt- i- f-x-f- a- ct- 0-re- d- e/b- t00-t-he- t0ss-(h-)at- 's- (0/d-) 0f- t- inn- (d-) a-c/t-hie-ven-d-s- (p-) en- d's- h? a.m. e w/e didn't care t00 the (se a.) m.e nd ('s) h ea.ve in ~(i)~kn 0 w/e l/l e 'ye~ a. t/h (e) a. d e vane 'ye t (((((a' ban (d)n (e)a re bu ye i/t))))) e fxf 0'r (t) a 're a.ll d b e/e a.s/s e/e d's p0 k en d e'ye (t) d




p-(f-)u-dg-e-ye- d- h0 ld- s- me account able a-d- as/s i ft e'ye didn't p.r.0 v i'd e~ t heir h and h-err- e- a l/l 0 t's L0 t~ t 0 (w/) e

inn the spirit of ruth ann weist, here is your image of force-d- s- L0- t- h- and- 0f- t- f0r-ce-d- s- lice- d-

off t course s ewe can buy your sel ~l fxf t 0ut of/f t packing (& pack a/g e inn g) no virtue d ewe d. your stalking ticket for -t- no reason, as/s cent- d- "ewe" d-0f-t-(h-) 0/0- k-n-0-w/e-d-, co-h0-st- me $75, and time to get it hr 0 (w/)n e /d as/s (h) 0/n e d ('s) 0 ' le d

"ewe" can w/(h)ea.r. you-r-e- w/ar- t- 0/n- y 0ur t ' a n0's~e d e ve(i)n e'ye s (h) 0 w/e d

t heir is n0 ah~ a~bu s/e d "ewe" didn't u-s-h- 0- e- d- 0f- t- me t00 th -f-x-f-i/r- st- u- b-s-p0-ken-d- 0- ve- d- ewe- d- 0- w/00- d- for -t- no reason "ewe" didn't b/ring t w/h0 d ewe : "ewe" stand for -t- force-s/s- t- all- k- in- g- (L-)0-ve- d- competition for -t- no reason e vain-d-0f- t- h-and- f-i-t- he- ad- c0-h0-st- 0-f-x-f- t's-

"ewe" do not get too take f/r0m e'ye d~h and en mar kn 0t a' re p (L) a~ce t~h eave n (d) s a.m. e/ d

"ewe" do not get to stand dof-t- o/n-e- me ye t i'm e, with "a" h-and- 0/u-(be-)t- "ewe" d- p- awn- d-0f-(i-) t-

"ewe" do not get to g/race s/s ai d 0 with pre sense "ewe" s-0/t- 00- t- make ('scene-s-)-inn-k-n0-t- h-(r-)e/a-d- 0f- t-

in a competitive market place -d- 0f- t- w/-ill- a- w/e- st- (u-) f-x-f- i- t0-f-x-f-(i-) t-u- be-(a-)d- 0f- t- i/t- h-and- 0- w- n- d- 0-ve- d- 's- 0- L- (e-) d- 0f- t- 0/n-e- d- con-(e-) t- r0-l/l-e- d-

k/n0/w~ e d be(a.)d. h0/n e s/s t ly e can be made from dof-(i-)t-s- p-(L-)a-ye- t- p-(L-)ate- d- ate-. & this is not my problem, and it is not "you-r-e-writ-e-" to comma nd e/b t- he- t-s- tup- id- h- and- 0/u- (be-) t- a- gain- d a re a. ll a~s/s t a nd'~s a.m. e/ d ~i/t inn t~h and (0) b.c. e'ye c/an~ d le pt p.r. a.(i.)m. e ye t a gain d h and le t w/(h)inn d 0 w/e pt p.r.0 vi.'d.e~ a.d. sp ace s/s p(L)an (t) d

// i'm moving on with a w/are ness of the money "ewe" st 0 le tu/be a.d. e/b t bu ye me'ye s i.'d.e s w/i ft as/s h 0 (L) e~ d ('s) 0 L (e) d / d ye t a gain/n fxf as~h i 0/n e s/s (t) ai d i'm e~ d

-pu-dg-(u-)e-ye- can't r~e w/e ll e'ye f/t a- w/ar-e- buy- e- d-(-) b-light- dance-s-s- (-t-)ai-d- light- . no "two" scene-inn- the competitive market place -d- e-ye- (t-) d-, h as/s b(r)0ugh t/h 's (h) ave i 0're t(h) 0/0 k nigh t a'(i.) L e(a.)ve~n de light (bu ye~.a.) rig ht

ewe can't h0/n 0're y0u/r e m.0. t~i 0/n~s e/x ce pt (h) r~u/e (ve~re ye t hing e) w/e d a ft e're (a.) p.r. i'm e r/r e'ye re w/e ll e d ewe

s (h) i/t 0 w/h at e~ve r~ d 0 w/h a l(l) e d ew/(e) inn d e/b t0 g e/th/er e ve(i)n (d) k

inn s k inn d

e/b t00 t/h~ e(a.)ven d h an(d) e c(t) d 0/h t (d) c0m f0r t a' b(e) l/l e'ye t0 g ether e/n t00 th 0've r/t c(L) 0've r/t c~ap(t) i/t a l/l d h inn g e t c 0/m e 0/n e'ye t00 th e'ye (i)d (0) Le (a)t in e

g ~g i've (in)n d

s- (t-) a-nd- 0f-(i-) t- (h-) p- (L-)an-(t-) d- ass a'ye d b (L) ac~k t 0 pen (a) ll (t) e 'ye t00 th' s trait an~ar~(e) r~0 w/(h) eigh t


inn-s-(e/e)p/i-re-d-0f-t- (h-) 0/0- k- n0b-0d-e-ye- d-g-en-e-d-p0-0l-e-(a-d-)ve-n-(t-) d-

c-0/n-(e-) t- 0/0- t-he-ed- be- li/e-ve- d-

e/b- t- i'm- e-'s- h- a-re- in- g- a- gree- d-0-(w/-)h-(a-)t- he- r- 0- t- rope- d- 0- w/-(e-)a-r- -- t-eye-d-0f-t- 00- t- he- d- get- a- cross- t- u- b/b-u- yaw-n-e-e-d- s- (h-) 0- we- ed- a- re- (a-) pair-d- ewe- d- s- pur-e- suit- e- t00-t-he- w/e- t- a- r(e-) u-s-e- d-

0/n (e) p0-lice-see-t-he- d- b(r) 0ugh t 0/n e t heir d ewe t00 th c a(i)r (e) re ye d ewe t00 th f~0're w/are a.d. ewe

-inn-t-i'm-e-ad- s- ig-n-0-re-ad- ewe- (d-)s- e- x- p0- 's- e- (e-) d- e/b- t00-t- he- d- en- e-ye- t- inn- t- a- p.r.-0-vi/s-i- 0/n- a- (i-) l/l- e- d- 0f- t- rig- ht- e- l/l- e- ye- a- s/s- t- each- i/t- t-e-ye- m-e-ye- t-'s- i- re- r-ig-no-r-an-ce-s/s- (t-) aid- cur(e-)rent- see- d- e/b- t00-t-he-n-ave-ye- d- 0 -w/-he-ye- t- (a-re- s- )inn-(t-ere-) d- h0-p-ed- 0/n-e- per-p-0-'s-e- (d-) en-eye- (t-) d- eye- (t- 00- t-he-)d- vain - d-

"you" are not the s k e ye ~ t00 th~e re claim (min(e) d) th (ere) f i/n(e) d

"you" h/ave n (t) 0 pr0duct 0fxf th/e valu/e w/e d c~an d fi/n(e) d 0/n e th ' d 0/t ~t(h) d b~ l in (e) d

"you" didn't b r in(n) g th p0 t en t i all d b.c. "you" d ewe d kn 0t c a(i) r/r e 'ye th t i'm e.

"you" h/ave n(t) 0 ff i/n an'ce/r t00 th p.r. i'm e (a.) d.

"you-r-e- dic-t- h- and- a- re- d- a- ct- a- re- s- h0- t- he-very-e- t-i'm-e- d- 0f- t-0/0-t-he- "prime-d" 0f- t- em- p- L0-ye- men- t- 0ff- t- s-up-p- (L-)ie- (ye-)d-

"you" ar-t-a- t00t-he-d-s- (h-) ake-re- d- a- re- t- a- r-(e-)a-t/t- le- t00-t- he- d- f- ache-r- d- he- ad- 0 -w/ar-e- ad- f- a- (i-) r- e- (d-)t- c- he- d- e/b- t- 00- t-he- d- e/b- th(e-)r-0/d-(h-)e-ad- e/b- t-- "A"-re- (e-) f0rce-scene- d- 0-lt- 0- w/e-re- ad-(s-) 0- L- (e-)d- s-c0p-ed- s- c0-re- ad- s- t- 0- (0-) L- e- d- h- and- le-ye- a-s/s- t- (e-) a- ll- d- as/s- t a'll k n 0 w/e (d) i/t 00 th' s i'r (e) prize i/t (a) ge(m)b er(th e) a.d. g(r) 0 w/e d (h) inn d lig ht as/s 0 i'll (e/n) d 0 (w/)e th be l/l e~a. f(v)er t(h) 0/0 kn 0/t e th (c/L) as/s c~r i/b e (a.)d. as/s c 0/0 p(i e'ye) d 0/h t "you" can't supply inn a s/s t -eye- d- f-0-(0-t-)e- d- b.c. ewe are n t k(n) 0t the time t00 t(h) a g (r) 0~ a/t


t-he-f-x-f- ewe- d- b-(L-)ack-t00-t-he- t- b-(L-)ack-t- hie-ven- d- s- (p-)en-d- e/b- t- a- t00-t- he- t- a- gain- d-

only -e- t-(h-) ill- inn- t- f0r-(u-)m-e/n- d- e/b- t- a- me-w/e-d- (e-)u/s-t- ap-p-(ea-)Le- ye- d-

re (a) p (L)a ce t/h and you-d -0uch-e-d- h a.(n)d. e'ye w/ i'll te~ll e w/e d (h-) ad- e/b-t- (0-) w/-h0- d-e-ye- w/e- t00-t-he- ave-(n-) d- a/b-u-s-e- d-  e/b- t00-t-he- re- (a-) p- (L-)aye- d-(g-L-)ewe-due-t-u- t-(y-)our-e- (m-)use- d-(y)0u-r- doesn't get to re/ap a pre sent ce s/s e th f/r0m th eg ran d's t a nd (h) inn g e d 0/n k e'ye inn knit~ a t0/n e ~a. t a re ference s/s (h) 0 w/i.d. th~ d

* those in knit 0/n e~c kn 0 w/e a.r th (r) 0/n e d un-b-s-p0ke-nd- s-nit-a-re- (a-) p- a- (i-)r-e- t00-t-he- t- a- ke- ye- per- t- a- (ye-a-) rt- his-t- -a- b- le- ad- 0f- t- w/-h0- d- 0f- t- 0ff- t-(y-)ou-r- inn- d- s-t- e- ad- 0fxf th ea.r t/h d f/r0m th fa(i)r e (a.)d.

s~ c a l/l e inn g a ll ea. d 0f- t-'s- ap-p-ly-e- a-r- em-ark t heir d

0 b serve d s (h) 0 w/e d ewe t c0uld b e/e n(e) a.re X p0 's e(e)d (h) 0'ver t/h f(t/h) ea. r~ th ere 0 0 0 0(h)' s -hi-t-e-ye- t-i-f-x-f-0-r-(g-)e-(d-)g-0/t- i/t-re-ad- 0f-(i-) t- at- teLL-a-t-he d- (h-) ad- van-ce- d- at- (a-i-) l/l- (e-)a- s/s- t- (e-) a- ll- (ea-) d- e/b- t00-t-he-n-ai-L-e-d- 0f-t-i'm-e-a=t='s- L0-t- h- and-0f- t- a- l/l- 0(n) t- inn-p0-t-en-t-i-all-d-0f-t-s- e- t-he-tu- t0-s/s- i/t- 0/0-t0ff- (i-) t-

vi.'d.e 0 's (d) aw/(e)n~ d

h inn d b ee s wee t ru(e) st

Li/fe fi(t) nes/s t

pat(r ) e~0/n


d~z~er0(d)s (h) a.m. e ? ve(i)n ly e~a.

you are not e t/heir un less t you are t/h ere

april 15th (e) re t ea.r n d(h) 0/m e/n (erve) d

c-(h-) all- i- ce-

R e've a.ll

h u (g) e

ad-vis-(e-)(t-)(h-) 0-re-


u x 0'r~e (i)~a l/l

(L) a.m. b(i) e/n t

c ru x

c rue x i/t(b) u m/m e'ye d 0/n e s/s (t) i g h t/h 0/n e'ye d e w/e (i)t

there is no beauty w/i th0u t a (re) t rut h

par t (0) w/h0 par t(0) w/h0

w/e ll e x e cut(h) e a.d.

nu bu c/k t(0)w/h0 d

t/h ' d/e ' s t a/b (e) L(L) e a.d. e/b t 0 w/e t 0/n e t

L eve L'D

ad 0/0 'r(e)n e/m e(ye)n t

Kevin Stine is a d-i/p-s-(h-)i/t-

s-(t-) e- x- t- en- d- id- b-s-p0-k-en-d-

p(f) i'(L)(L) e d (0) naiL t00 th se(A.) D.(e)u s/t (h)e A.D.


m aye t

bi g (b) ang t/h e 0 re' ye

t/h e a.r t 0ff t p.r. 0(a)t e st(h)e a.d. 0ff t

beautifull (e) a.s/s (t) e'ye id 0 want (u) be (a.)d.

s(p)a'ye i.d.

Ape X

D 0 a/b Le

min 0 (d) c u/t e ass eve r

S e(a)d f(0)L/L 0 w/e (a)D ewe

need L e'ye (a.) t (h) re a.d.

g 0/f i/g b/r inn g (t/h d) ate

t ea.r n a(i')ll e(a)ve(i)n d am

t/h (d) s (h) ave i 0're s(t) 00 t/h d (h) ew/e A.D.

c an (d) e w/e (a.)d. e/b t0'0 L (H) e(a.)ven t(0)w/h0 (d) e w/e A.D.

Le (ye) i/t (b) rig ht

be t heir d

be t heir d 0 w/e (i)d serve (i)d

in r(e~v) i e w/e (a)d

p.r. 0 g ® e(a) s/s e

b e/e n (d) i ce A.D.

E a t (m) e

g's u/s t 0/n (d) e/e d' s (ag) L0've i.d.

t(h) p Lan(d) t's t (a'r t) eg r0/0m

in ri ch i/t

s t(h)e a.d.(h) 0 c(h) an d (0) h(un)t h(ea.ven)d

rig ht 0ff t

t (h/r) 0 at 0ff t/h (a) d (b) e (a) d (0)(h)(t) b (r) 0ugh t

p-(0-) s-

h/i k (t) in (e) g b 0/0 t's

s~h (e) a d 0 w/e

s-t-e-w/(e-)a-r-(k-)t- hie-ven-d-

in ri ch i/t in

kn~i (g/h) t

f(m) i/x i/t up t

p.r. 0/t 0/n (e)

r(h) i'v~e

rich r (0) at e

min 0 m00 (ch) t

s a s/s 0(0) D

w/i t/h0u t (h) in (e) d

f i/x i/t (u) be (a)d (s) 0 w/(h) e(ye i.)d.

e'ye w/ in d

f(r~) e/e d (h) 0/m e (i)d serve i.d.

aLL (a) s/s p (L) i ce a.d.

s~i c 0/p i

s (L) a'ye i.d

Alpha be (a) t

silent s Le (a)p t ass kn 0/t 0 w/00 d

t/h e w/e L/L e per t/t e'ye